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Wi-Fi Streaming to TV

This concept from Broadcom is neat. 

One downside is the need for the additional software app on the PC. What is killer would be a Chrome extension (or Firefox add-on) that recognises your laptop is connected to a web enabled TV. On loading a webpage with video embedded there is an option to “send” that video direct to the TV for viewing.

When the NBA season is in full swing I stream the games through Justin.tv on my PC. I’d like to “send” this stream to the TV for viewing rather than having to fiddle with plugging my laptop in the TV each time. 

You could imagine having a queue feature on your TV, so if my girlfriend is watching a TV show and I want her to see the clip on YouTube I’m enjoying I send it to the TV queue, she see’s a notification and can accept to view the video when she’s ready.

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